Good Investment


Government is making massive investments to develop
‘Golden Temple’ Amritsar area as a world class tourist center.

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Save your expenses now:


During your stay at Amritsar, you enjoy all the facilities; still
you save your hotel and office rental expenses now.
Your this investment will also continue to grow.

Good future investment:


The work of giving traditional look to passage from Golden Temple to Hall Gate,
with world class landscaping, fountains, trees and beautification;
has already begun from Darbar Sahib side.

World class companies have been engaged for landscaping
of the entire city, roads, roundabouts and other prominent
places to develop it as main tourist place in the country.

A view of Katra Ahluwalia (Rajan Khadwal Road).
It is one of two roads opening at ‘Golden Temple Shopping Plaza’.
‘Plot of land for sale’ is situated in ‘Lala Wali Gali’,
at ‘Rajan Khadwal Road’, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar.
‘Lala Wali Gali’ is just 45 steps away
from ‘Golden Temple Shopping Plaza’.

For its Google Map – click here (Rajan Khadwal Road).
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‘Golden Temple Shopping Plaza’ also extends into
Rajan Khadwal Road, Katra Ahluwalia, Amritsar.

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Rajan Khadwal Road (350 Mts. long app.),
is the main road of famous ‘Katra Ahluwalia’.

On one end of ‘Rajan Khadwal Road’
is ‘Golden Temple Shopping Plaza’;
and on its second end is the main road
known as ‘Golden Temple road’.

Soon as a part of beautification plans, all above electric poles in Rajan Khadwal Road,
and the adjoining areas, will also be replaced with underground cables.

– – – –

Existing Commercial activities in and around ‘Lala Wali Gali’:


Pathar-MktPathar Market for Shawls is at the side entrance
of Lala Wali Gali at Rajan Khadwal Road.
Few other Shawls export shops are also
functioning from Lala Wali Gali.

On the 2nd opening of Lala Wali Gali
is situated famous textiles & clothes markets of Amritsar

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Maintain your house for your comfortable living at Amritsar:





cookingYou may install all the needed equipment at your home at Amritsar.

For your comfortable living at Amritsar, you may install the
needed facilities & equipment, at your home at Amritsar,
including in your Kitchen at Amritsar.

Besides a very good bankable investment,
this property may also be used by you,
your elders and your friends to easily
& regularly visit the ‘Golden Temple’.

You will also get Goodwill by providing
comfortable living to your elders, friends & relatives;
wanting to visit Golden Temple, Amritsar


Area of this Independent bankable (Freehold) ‘Plot of land for sale’: 35 sq. yds.

Total Sale Price of this ‘Plot of land for sale’: Rs. 8,75,000/- INR  (i.e.fifteen thousand USD app.)

Government circle rates themselves for plot of land in this area are:
Rs. 23,500/- per sq. yd. for residential &
Rs. 86,000/- per sq. yd. for Commercial

You may build your house yourself
or you may also hire our services at additional cost.

For further information about our service, please visit here

Save now and your investment will also grow:


Recent price trends (indicative only) of real estate at Katra Ahluwalia:
Rs. 7100/- per sq. ft. (Rs. 63900/- per sq. yard) on main Rajan Khadwal Road.

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